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Apple Deleted Users' Non-itunes Music


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From Engadget

Long before Apple was shoehorning the latest from U2 into your iTunes account, it was deleting songs originating from rival services. Tell us if this sounds familiar: You grabbed Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster from Amazon MP3 in 2009, threw it in your iTunes library, went to sync your 160GB iPod classic and got an error message saying you needed to restore the device's factory settings. According to The Wall Street Journal, upon restoring, non-iTunes music would disappear.



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Yeah! I noticed that after returning to using itunes, being off it for about three years. All my songs from other sources are gone. Whereas I used to have a couple hundreds, I now had 79 or so which I bought from itunes. That U2 stunt is just the height of cheekiness. What else is breach of privacy?!!