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Baba Suwe Goes Missing in Ondo

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Governor Segun Mimiko's declaration for a second term last Wednesday was a gathering of diverse sorts with different strokes

It was a tough job getting the Nollywood actor, Babatunde Omidina popularly known as Baba Suwe into the newly built Democracy Park in Akure, Ondo State last Wednesday.

Escorted by his Nollywood colleague, Jibola Dabo, the two thespians were visibly stressed by the overflowing cheer and enthusiasm of the crowd who pushed and shoved the security men as they made every effort to catch a glimpse of the celebrities seated inside the SUV that snaked towards the gate of the Democracy Park.

The pair were in Akure for Governor Segun Mimiko's formal declaration for a second term in office on the ticket of the Labour Party.

The presence of Omidina, Dabo and many other artistes almost gave the occasion away as another celebrity show. There were, however, also many other politically minded men and women including many Yoruba leaders who came to endorse the unprecedented attempt to achieve a second term by the incumbent governor of the Sunshine State.

No governor of the new Ondo State has succeeded in achieving a second term in office since the state came into its own in the early nineties.

The previous governors of the state Adebayo Adefarati and Segun Agagu ended up serving single terms in office.

Remarkably, the two of them were stopped from achieving a second term partly because of the opposition mustered by the political machine of Mimiko.

allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Baba Suwe Goes Missing in Ondo


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So how did he go missing? Una these journalists, honestly someone should give you guys a good whooping...
Where's Gladys knight when you need her? :gnash
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