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Bride Texts During Wedding Ceremony!

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Hahahaha something was so important it just couldn’t wait for after the vows.
I find it really ratchet when women keep their phones in their bossoms.....hmmm maybe I am just jealous I haven’t got bosoms big enough to hold my phone.....skips off to Google breast enlargement surgeries.:spin2::happy024:
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this is so disrespectful! what couldn't wait?
If i were the man i would have asked the pastor to hold on because the bride has something more important to attend to at the moment.


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do you bblame her? TheMinister is yabbering on and on! Nothing personal about the vows he is reading. She might as well waity for when the 'I do' part is suppoised to be said. Unless its a personal written vows, I doubt couples remember their exact marriage vows.... I honestly cant remember what the man said, because deep in my heart I knew/know the keywords 'sickness and in health' 'till; death do you part' 'u may now kiss the bride' etc etc


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Haba...kilode? She for put the phone inside purse or give her BM na....she should be:ban:from getting married...lol
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