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Independent Exposure
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Independent Exposure - A Monthly Microcinema Screening Program of International Short Films, Videos and Digital Works

The Independent Exposure microcinema-screening program began in 1996 in Seattle and now is based in San Francisco and Houston. The program, held every month, has presented the short film, video and digital works of over 750 artists from all over the world. Beyond the San Francisco and Houston screenings, Independent Exposure also has been presented hundreds of times in 35 countries and Antarctica!

2003 is the eighth season of Independent Exposure, which is based out of the 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA and the Firestation #3 in Houston, TX. We want to show your work to audiences throughout the world, so please submit your work(s) now!

Independent Exposure - Call for Works and Distribution through Exhibition Information

For our Independent Exposure compilation series we accept short video, film and digital-media submissions of 15 minutes or less and are currently looking for narrative, humorous, dramatic, animation, gay-lesbian, experimental, alternative, avant-garde, and underground works.



Please submit a VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM), mini-DV (NTSC only) or DVD (NTSC only) clearly labeled with name, title, length, phone-number and email. Due to the increased amount of tapes and the added costs for processing, there is now a US$5.00 entry fee for United States and Canadian artists (please write check to "Microcinema International". We are waiving entry fees to filmmakers from outside the US and Canada. Please include any supporting materials including photos! (preferably in digital format). Due to the large amount of entries, we are unable to return your submission but we will get back to you regarding your submission(s)!

Microcinema will contact you before including any entry at its monthly Independent Exposure screening in San Francisco and/or Houston. All artists will be paid an honorarium when their work is screened in the San Francisco and Houston shows. Artists also will qualify for a non-exclusive Microcinema Distribution through Exhibition Agreement for subsequent international screenings. Microcinema pays its artists royalties for screenings, TV broadcast, VHS/DVD and Internet sales.

Send submissions to:
Microcinema International
531 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Info/details: +1-415-864-0660
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