Closed - A Nigerian short film


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Wow, wow, wow... is all can I say?

I am so excited for Nigerian cinema right now. What you are about to watch is one of the best Nigerian films, be it feature or short, that you have ever seen PERIOD!!

From the Director of 'Blink', another short posted to this group some yrs ago, comes - 'Closed'.
A massive well done to Toloulope Ajayi and the whole team behind this.



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Okay, VB, thanks for letting me see this. IT IS GENIUS, PERIOD! Damn!
When it started, I wondered what language those words where appearing in. I thought something from the Russian end of the world. Then it struck me halfway what the director was doing - and the revelation at the end? Wow! Worth watching any day. Tolulope Ajayi is now on my must meet list.
And did you see what he did with sound? Brilliant stuff.


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Oh man, where does one even start? I can't even talk sef.... the sound!!! You do remember 'Blink' right?... Same guy.


I'm stunned speechless!!!!
All I can say is BRAVO!!!!!!

If this is what i've been missing during my hiatus then I am very excited to catch up.