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Do Hospitals Profit From Surgical Errors?

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Hospitals may actually make more on patients who suffer major surgical complications, due to longer stays and the extra care required to ameliorate the results of errors. Further, there may be a financial disincentive for error-free care, according to a study in JAMA.

Effective methods for reducing complications exist, say the study's authors, but hospitals have been slow to implement them because lower complication rates can reduce revenues under per-diem and group-based reimbursement schemes.



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Without reading the article, I will say YES!!! Those killers in while coats are after money! I should know, they almost killed me in 2011! With hospital errors!


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Hnmmmm...,That writeup get as e be jare...definately not my hospital.The truth is that physicians have a fixed amount of money earned per hour/on call , so regardless of the extra money recieved from HMOs, it does not increase the physician's salary, besides people are suing hospitals for not providing enough ice chips in their cups these days so why would anybody want to jeopadize their hard earned license cos of a few dollars, remember there's something called a state medical board and Jacho that reviews hospital and physician errors... Trust me, it ain't that easy to make money out of errors and complications.
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