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Does Your Shoe Size Mean Anything?


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One time when I was just a little bit overweight, a very unkind woman in a department store said to me. “You know, I can tell that you need to lose weight by looking at your foot size.” I looked at her and wondered what in the world she was talking about. What did my foot size have to do with how overweight I was? I knew I had gained some weight, but I was still confused by her comment.
She elaborated, “If you look at someone’s profile, and see the size of their foot in relation to their body size, you can tell how much weight they should carry.” I mumbled something at her and fled, the whole time wondering if she was right. Did my shoes give away the fact I had gained about 35 or 40 pounds since I had gotten married? I thought I had hidden my weight gain well. After all, I bought clothes when John wasn’t around so he wouldn’t know that my suit size was no longer a 10. I cut the tags out of my clothes so when it was his turn to do laundry he wouldn’t see the size “L” on the shirt tag. If he hadn’t said anything, surely no one could really tell I was putting on weight.

When I got home I stood sideways and looked in our closet mirrors. I looked okay, a little pudgy I suppose, but not huge. (That would come later.) I looked at my feet and then at my profile and saw what that rude lady was saying to me. I could see that in my eyes, my body size did look too big for my feet. I had gone from being average sized to greater than average sized. Even though I was buying bigger sizes I assumed I still looked okay and that my size increase was still a secret. It wasn’t. I was overweight and the whole world knew.

It’s funny because although I did got up a ½ a shoe size during my first three pregnancies, when I gained weight between pregnancies my shoe size didn’t change. And sadly, once I lost weight, my shoe size didn’t shrink.

But one thing that did change was my body profile when compared to my feet. I often turned sideways in the mirror as I lost weight analyzing whether I seemed more in proportion to my feet. Once I got down below 200 pounds, I felt like I did look better. (I’m just shy of 5’10”)

I know that shoe size isn’t a huge issue in the larger issue of weight loss and getting to a healthy place, but for me, it was just another reminder that even being slightly overweight affected every area of my appearance.

Have you ever thought about your shoe size in relation to your height and weight, and are your feet changing size as you lose weight? Fun little topic for a Monday! Diane
Diane Carbonell