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Eating In Or Out

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vince said:
Which one is your style?I know that we nigerians are not that used to eating out,but has living in the diaspora changed all that?
Or has anything happened in mordern day nigeria to make people eat out(i doubt that sha;) )
nuthin has changed in my case...i was brought up with eating home made food...and i still stick to that.....


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I don't eat much food. I prefer home made food, but will take my spouse to any restaurant of her choice.

I like Red Lobster, Black Eye Pea, Chilis, Friday's and many beef centers in Dallas.

My favorite fast food joint was Chick Fille. Thank God, I'm delivered from its grip.


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mamarita said:
Nothing's sexier than a man cooking for you! UHHHHH

I need to get maself some apron and hat! corkysm60:

I have cooked so much for myself that if my wife start cooking now, I will have to adjust to appreciating it.
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