Eko ninu Ewe


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Okay i have been terribly craving for Eko (don't know if there is an English name for it) but the Nigerian way. I really want to try and cook it with the leaf but I have no clue where to get them. Please, does anybody know?

The closest to the research I could find was this Thaumatococcus daniellii plant. Now I know some have tried it with Banana leaves, but does it bring the same "taste"?

If they are selling it in your area, I would send you the money to help me buy them and I am very serious about this.



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Nobody knows the name of that leaf or where to buy it?


I guess I would need to try it with the Banana leaf plant then


Na today!
Abeg my sister, no use this "tomato damascus" plant, abi na wetin you call am, the name alone sef dey fear pesin, e fit cause one thing for stomach oh!


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Yeye girl! I thot this was the title of a new yoruba flick or something! loool! ewe ko, iwe ni...berra go naija :p


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You know, I asked someone about this today, she said banana leaves is what she uses, but she soaks in lime and vinegar to get the 'taste'. Never tried it, I hate anything that comes from Ogi.