Fathia Opens Up On Ex-husband, Rumoured Lover

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by Tope Olukole

Fathia Balogun is no stranger to controversies. However, one thing you cannot take away from this highly-talented and versatile actress is her ability to maintain a dignified demeanour in the face of the myriad of stories circulating around her, especially concerning her personal life.

altOne of such stories is her failed marriage to equally talented actor, Saheed Balogun. However, for Fathia, her marriage was not expected to end midway as she has anticipated a more lasting union. Suffice to say, she believes in the marriage institution and would have loved to retain the married status. However, like a good fruit gone bad, her marriage failed to yield the comfort and expectations that should characterise a happy home. Interestingly, she would not be scared by the unfortunate experience, as she believes that “it is the joy of every young lady to give marriage a shot.” In retrospect, Fathia waxed philosophical when she summed her failed marriage with the popular cliché “Whatever will be will be.”

Perhaps, her current single status would inform the current story circulating in the social mill concerning her relationship with the Corporate Picture boss. So many knocks and kicks have been passed on her person but Fathia calmly maintains that “we are business partners and nothing more.” Maybe, her fans would expect her to speak more on the issue, but it remains to be seen if Fathia would be willing to disclose beyond that.

Yet, as long as she is still being addressed as Fathia Balogun, there will be reasons to revert to her failed marriage. Not done with the series of attacks and counter attacks since her now rested marriage was made public, Fathia, however, seems immune to the bewilderment of many who do not understand her insistence on retaining her ex-husband’s name. It would seem that it is because it is the nucleus of her brand or that she simply would not be bothered. Nevertheless, Fathia admits to the comfort of the name, as she maintains that “Saheed Balogun has not faulted the use of his name by seeking a redress in court.”

However, beyond her failed marriage, Fathia certainly needs the prayers of her fans. Not only does she anticipate the showers of blessings for herself, she is quick to include her children in the prayer rain. Fathia’s maternal streak runs high and it is quite obvious that she is proud of it. That explains the choice of her children’s initials to form the theme of her tattoo on her arm. She wears it proudly too.

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