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Finally saw Hamilton the Musical...


Staff member
My God! Genius! Gracious me! I only saw it for the first time last week on Disney+ and I must have replayed it 10 times already. It's got that onion thing going for it: layers. Every time you watch it, you discover something else that you'd missed from the previous viewing. The acting (Odom!), wow. Renee Elise Goldsberry I already fell in love with via Netflix's Altered Carbon. As Angelica, she totally deserved that Tony Award they handed her. So many talented people on this thing. As for the music... Dang! I can't get 'The Room where it Happens' out of my head. Every track a masterpiece in its own right. My daughter introduced it to the house. My son too has seen it a zillion times since last week. Ah... This is what happens when you put the right combination of talent together... Pulitzers and Tonys galore!

We all must constantly seek to elevate our art by watching elevated art. This is a musical every creative artist should see at least once in their lifetime. Thanks Lin Manuel Miranda, for such a beautiful piece.