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Fire HD 8 Tablet: One year later, screen does not respond to touch


Staff member
So I have bought multiple versions of Amazon's Kindle Fire. I put this review on their website under the product, and 9 days later, they haven't approved it. I suspect they're not going to because it an obvious knock. Strange behaviour. I wasn't even knocking them that much or asking them for anything o.

I have purchased the Kindle Fire versions over the years. Always loved them. They typically are rugged. I purchased this version in November last year, with a protective case. Still in excellent condition, except that the screen is frozen for no clear reason. Did not drop or mishandle it. It's my one indulgence for books, Netflix and Scrabble. Rebooting it does not help. Factory reset does not help. Wiping the screen with special lens wipes has no effect. No web advice from others who have head a similar experience helps. It just will not respond to touch anymore. I love the line of products, but this is a first for me in all the years I have used them. I doubt I have any recourse now, other than to use it as paperweight. Amazon, take note of this in future development of this item.