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Fried Rice Prepared In Wok Tastes Better


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By Tribune

Does your family have a special occasion meal?
That would be fried rice but it is more of the Chinese method of cooking fried rice. I prepare it in a wok, so, it turns out really fried instead of the way it is usually prepared in Nigeria. I serve that with salad. My family loves it and I get complements whenever I make it for others. Interestingly, nobody taught me how to prepare it; I taught myself. But it took a lot of practise to get to this point.

Is there any difference in the taste of fried rice prepared with a wok and that prepared with the conventional pot?
You may not get the same result if you use any other pot because a wok is narrower at the bottom and wider at the top so it makes the stirring easier. It allows the ingredients penetrate more, so, I think it tastes better.

Can you share the ingredients needed for the preparation of Chinese fried rice?
You would need rice, onions, green pepper, vegetable oil, tatase, garlic, thyme, curry, cubed seasoning, salt, eggs, chicken, crayfish, shrimps, corn, carrot, peas, and chopped sausage.

How is it prepared?
Pour in some vegetable oil in the wok; add the shredded onions, green pepper, tatase, garlic, thyme, curry, cubed seasoning, salt and about two cracked eggs. Allow to cook for a while. Then I add the parboiled rice, which should not be very soft. Stir and then add the chicken, crayfish, shrimps, corn, carrot, peas, and chopped sausage. It should be well fried but not burnt. Serve with salad.



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This is so true...the kain fried rice we eat in Naija is boiled rice with omi eran and vegetables not fried rice. Original fried rice is made in a Wok.

Iya Laje

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Yes I make mine in a wok. Speaking of fried rice, I havent made it in a while, make I go make am now sef