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Global Film Initiative

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Deadline August 15, 2003

The Global Film Initiative promotes cross-cultural understanding by:
• Supporting original film production rooted in the developing world; and
• Implementing educational and distribution programs in the United States, using films funded and acquired by the Initiative.

Definition of Grants:
• The Global Film Initiative awards up to eight (8) grants per funding cycle.
• Each grant will be between $20,000-$50,000
• Grants are awarded to assist film makers with the late stages of production and post-production of their film
• All grant recipients will be expected to sign a distribution contract with the Initiative for all U.S. distribution rights and will be included in the Initiative’s U.S. distribution program in the year following the film’s completion. Should film makers wish to be released from this distribution agreement, they may do so by repaying the full grant amount. A copy of the distribution agreement is available upon request. (Please also consult the FAQ Sheet at the back of this document).

The Global Film Initiative will accept grant applications for films:
1. Produced exclusively in a developing world country and created by film makers from that country. We accept submissions from countries in the following regions: Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa, The Middle East, Asia (excluding Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan), and Oceania (excluding Australia and New Zealand).
2. That are feature-length (above 65 min), narratives that take place exclusively in the developing world. Documentary and short film submissions will not be accepted.
3. In pre-production, production or post-production.
4. That have substantial production funding in place.
5. That contribute to the development of the local film industry by using local key production staff and using local facilities whenever possible.
6. Finished in 16mm, 35mm, DigiBeta, or Beta.

Materials to be submitted with Application:
Three (3) copies of all written materials and support tapes must be included.
1. The completed application form
2. Synopsis (no more than one page)
3. Biographies of key production personnel.
4. Director’s Statement. (A brief paragraph about the director’s motivation for creating the film.)
5. A finished screenplay.
6. A production budget including sources of production financing and amounts committed
Note: Funding sources must be in place to carry film through substantial amount of production.
7. Production schedule
8. Previous films of filmmaker(s) on VHS cassette(s).
9. Copies of agreements with production financiers to ensure that the film can complete substantial production within submitted budget.
10. Rushes/Dailies, selected scenes or rough cut (when available).
Note: Please no more than 2 tapes of rushes/dailies.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.
Applications and supporting materials must be completed in English.

Selection Process
We have two funding cycles a year.

Timeline for the August 2003 call for entries:

Deadlines for Application:
August 15th – Must be postmarked by August 15th and sent via international courier.

Chosen Projects announced:
Late October – Successful applicants will be selected from the finalists no later than October 31. A contract with The Global Film Initiative will be included with grant notification.

All grant amounts are at the sole discretion of The Global Film Initiative.
Applications can be rejected at the sole discretion of The Global Film Initiative.

Note: The Global Film Initiative does not fund documentaries or short films.
Next funding cycle deadline early spring 2004

Send applications and supporting materials to:
The Global Film Initiative
200 Varick St. #500A
New York, NY 10014
Please direct any questions to info@globalfilm.org or fax written inquiries to 212.206.6828 (no phone calls please).

There are two submission deadlines a year, no extensions will be granted – late applications will have to wait for the following submission deadline.

NOTE: Projects may be judged prior to the first day of shooting but grant awards can only be claimed with the delivery of rushes within the funding period dates.

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