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Highly recommended Nigerian movies


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Drop the names of naija movies you feel has the CI(collector's Item) status here.Movies that you can swear on as being universally great.
Since we have flop alert thread,we might as well have this one here.


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Burning Will

Good suspense thriller with excellent acting performance and engaging plot.


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proudlyifreke said:
All my life 1 and 2
Shattered Illusions 1 and 2
Keeping Faith
Promise me forever 1 and 2
Abeg remove that movie from the list jo!The movie is as dumb as they come! :cool-smil


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I Will Die For You

Another Novia film that is well above the normal naija movie level.


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to love a thief
true confessions
mortal inheritance
deadly affair.
these were good movies that I never get bored to watch over and over again. I forgot, violated 1& 2.