I Am Fashionably Loving Africa Right Now!


..still The Drama Queen!
Exactly one month in Nigeria today and I am LOVING it!

Ok, to some of my peeps here I have known since 2004....hmmmm....what can I say? You remember those my annoying long epistles I used to write here? Well, some of you hated me for them, and a few others recognized that I have the TALENT OF WRITING! Yes! Its not news that I am multi-talented by now (My God is GOOD!)....so, there fore, in a couple of weeks, you will see the news of my new FASHION/WRITING things I am doing in Africa. And its FUN!
MY design EC is still there.....I just changed Business Model! Yes! Even JeanK sef. .....

Anyhoo...why i am writing is to say THANKS to all my friends here that encouraged me over the years! I am still ME = humble, kind, nice, creative as usual! DramaQueen? nah! Not these days..... I left that years ago. Now I am Exec, Diva, Role model, Celebrity(abi?). loll.
One thing I am keeping for life is my short blonde hair sha! Hee hee her...

See how paparazzi won't leave me alone O! From Accra to Lagos.....
I just pack all inside this collage joor!