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I May Go Into Politics - Yomi Fash Lanso

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Yomi Fash Lanso is one of the most versatile actors and movie directors in Nigeria. In this interview with P.M.NEWSEntertainment, the Business Administration graduate of the University of Lagos speaks about his life, women and other issues.

You recently won best actor of the year award courtesy Global News Magazine, how do you feel about it?

I really feel elevated because it’s a prestigious award and because it is coming from a reputable magazine company, Global News magazine. I really feel good about it because nomination is worth celebrating not to talk of winning an award.

It is very common to always give awards to the raves of the moment. Do you support such?

I would not know how organizers of such awards arrive at their judgement so my take on that is that we leave it to them because the way I will see it might not be the way you will see it.

Awards have generated controversies at different times, so based on this what is your opinion about awards in Nigeria?

Thank you. My opinion is this; who are the judges that make decisions? What relationship do they have with the actors? I think it is simple; let’s have credible people who are knowledgeable about acting, those who are authorities, let them decide and our awards will be better.

With your contributions to the entertainment industry, is there any award you are still looking at?


How have you been able to forge ahead in your career?

Training, you go for training, you go for workshops and you also do self training. I try to review making of movies and do study generally because you need to do all that to be in form because what is obtainable this year might not be the same next year. So, you need to always be on your toes and ready to learn new things.

I May Go Into Politics | P.M. NEWS Nigeria
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