Inside Netflix's Nollywood Deals with Filmone


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Good piece by DANIEL OKECHUKWU. Of course the Filmone IFE IDOWU dude danced around a good chunk of the questions, but that's also understandable. His job is to take care of his employer's interest, not sweat over Nollywood or its producers. Aggregation isn't always the way to go though, and they need to get that shit.

He responds at some point:
My question to those producers is, "do you know if Netflix benefitted from your films being on the platform?"
How is the person representing our movies on the platform thinking like this, or even asking this kind of question? Shouldn't it be his position that NETFLIX IS BENEFITTING FROM THE NOLLYWOOD PRESENCE THEREON, EVEN IF THAT ISN'T THE CASE? How is this kind of self-castrating thinking putting him in a position of strength to start a good negotiation? Appalling!

And there's more:
You don't expect a buyer to keep buying stuff at a particular price if what he is gaining from that title in terms of subscription or eyeball is inconsequential to his books. The company has to tailor-fit his budget to meet what it is getting back.
Why is he advocating/making excuses for Netflix? Is he repping them or our Nollywood producers? Walahi! My head is exploding.