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HR OFFICER:- what is your name?
MUZO:- M.P sir
HR OFFICER:- In full!
MUZO:- Muzo Phiri
HR OFFICER:- your father's name?
MUZO:- M.P sir
HR OFFICER:- what does that mean?
MUZO:- Melvin Phiri
HR OFFICER:- your native place?
MUZO: M.P sir
HR OFFICER:- what's that?
MUZO:- Muchinga Province
HR OFFICER:- what is your qualification?
HR OFFICER:- (angry) what is thaat?!!!
MUZO:- Mathematics Professor
HR OFFICER:- so why do you need a job?
MUZO:- it is because of M.P sir
HR OFFICER: meaning?
MUZO:- Money Problems
HR OFFICER:- would you explain yourself and stop wasting my time? What's yo personality like?
MUZO: MP sir.
HR OFFICER: and what is that?
MUZO:- Marvelous Personality
HR OFFICER:- I see... I will get back to you.
MUZO:- sir, how was my M.P?
HR OFFICER:- and what's that again?
MUZO:- My Performance.
HR OFFICER:- I think u are an M.P
MUZO:- m.e.a.n.i.n.g?
HR OFFICER:- Mental Patient!!!



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this is funny. Initially i thought it was by rudyboy at it again. NTB u have made me to laugh paa!!!
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