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Introducing Doris 'Dumah...

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:yellow: I am so so excited to be writing this!!!!:yellow:

Her album has been long long overdue, I have to say. This lady is young,but her vocal prowess is second to none. :fing02: I always say that the studio doesn't do her justice! :eyes Y'all should watch Doris LIVE on stage! She is fire!!! Plus she can sing absolutely anything!

Doris 'Dumah, who has been singing for over a decade, happens to be the younger sister of Midnight Crew's Patricia King(Yes, it's in the family like that;) ) and this track features Patricia, who is herself a songstress!

Enjoy this one - Arugbo Ojo (Ancient of Days) and watch this space for more info about the soon to be released 'hit' album.:action-sm

God bless ya!

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