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Iroko Tv Partners With Netflix


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Not bad!!!

The partnership deal which was revealed by the CEO of Iroko TV Jason Njoku positions the company as the African section of Netflix.

Netflix, the world’s leading internet TV service, famous for shows such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, quite recently featured Nigerian movie, October 1st and now, courtesy of IROKOtv, they will feature a larger assortment of African content.

Iroko TV has recently been making ambitious moves like this to put Nollywood on the radar and we must say this is a bold step in the right direction. MORE
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Yeah, interesting idea. Saves Netflix the agro of sifting through the pile to find presentable stuff. Not that Iroko itself features only presentable, if you get my drift, but Interesting idea all the same. It now depends on the kind of rights they signed with the Nollywood guys in the first place...because if I gave you permission to beam my movie on Iroko, that's not to say you have the extended right to represent me and beam me elsewhere. What if I was planning to offer my movie to Netflix for additional income? I smell trouble ahead...