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Is 3D cinema doomed?

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"A recent study has predicted that box office takings for 3D movies will drop in 2013, despite a calendar chock-full of multi-dimensional big hitters.

The report, by credit agency Fitch Ratings, projects a decline at the 3D box office, for the first time since the technology resurfaced with James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ in 2009.

Comparing the findings to 2012, the report’s authors singled out the cause of the apparently impending drop: "[Previous ] attendance likely benefited from the initial proliferation of 3D films," read the study. "However, the initial excitement has dwindled, and consumers are focused again on the overall quality of the film and are weighing the cost of a premium ticket versus a base 2D ticket."

To simplify that: we’ve had enough of paying for a gimmick.

The report continues: "Going to the movies remains one of the lower-cost forms of entertainment. However, increased pricing, particularly on 3D films, may erode this perception over time."

There are some impressive tent poles coming our way in 2013 - ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, ‘Man Of Steel’ - all hitting the screen sporting 3D specs. But, with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and ‘Avengers Assemble’ under its belt, 2012 is a tough £22.7 billion grossing act to follow.

Is this really the year that 3D fails?"

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