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Lagosian Families With Mental Problems


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...It must be noted that mental challenges come in several mild, severe and extreme manners and that it is not in any way ethical, decent or proper to scoff at such disabilities as most of the more severe cases are congenital and nay, even genetic.

We have, therefore, decided to list some prominent Lagosian families where such incapacitations do exist. Although many individuals so afflicted are common knowledge to in the know Lagosians, particular first names have been deliberately left out to avoid any embarrassment to the kin of the individuals.

Here are some families noted for one or two in their midst suffering from one form of cerebral imperfection or the other: Akerele, Awoliyi, Anjous, Anjou, Bank-Anthony, Cardoso, Coker, Adewole, Fernandez, Elias, Fasanya, Ebuwa, Amidu, Philips, Taylor, Cole, Doherty, Williams, Augusto, Marquis, Otutuloro, Sekoni, Bakare, Alaka, Adebajo, Omenai, Agbabiaka, Smith, Fagbayi, Maja, Balogun, Nelson Cole, Folami, Opia, Hammond, Thomas, Oshodi, Ajao, Adeniji, Akinnola, Ojora, St. Matthew-Daniel, Benson, Rhodes, Rokosu, Pyne,Kilo, Adeleye, Animashawun, etc.

There is a name that we are unable to include. In the realm of things, as they stand today, it does not take rocket or nuclear science to imagine which it is!

Over in Enugu, Governor Chime’s wife’s family say that their daughter is not sick as there is no history of cerebral impairment in their family. It is a well-known axiom that when a mad person realises his/her impairment, the impairment is no more existent.

Lagos Blog does not bluff. We have a name or names attachable to each and every one of these families. The list containing the attachments is available by utilising our comments box stating real name, telephone number and email address. The list shall then be forwarded to you in strictest confidence...