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Movie submissions for Giama awards now open!

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Its here again! Movie submissions for the 2013 GIAMA Awards is now open! Film makers and participants interested in being considered for the awards must submit their entries from April 2 to May 31st 2013. Participants for the 2013 GIAMA nominations must be residents of any African country, or an African descendant living in the Diaspora, in order to be considered eligible.

Clip from last year's event


The GIAMA Awards of Merit shall be awarded annually and will recognize outstanding performances and achievements in theatrically released films in the African film industry.
The Awards of Merit shall be presented in the form of a gold plaque with an imprint of GIAMA on the statuette, and will be provided to all the winners for each categories listed below:


All eligible films, unless otherwise stated, must be a feature length (defined as over 60 minutes running time).
All films to be considered must be shot or released between January 2012 and May 2013. Films that were previously submitted for 2012 GIAMA consideration are not eligible.
Eligibility for all awards will first be ascertained by credits as they appear on the screen and/or as provided in the submission form to the GIAMA organization by the producing companies. Final determination, in the event of credit discrepancies, will be made by the GIAMA in conjunction with the producers or publicists of the film production company.
In the event of any dispute concerning credits, the GIAMA maintains the right to declare any achievement ineligible or, alternatively, to reject all claims to credit, list credits as being in controversy and withhold any award until the dispute is resolved.


Every submission shall be conditioned upon the delivery to the GIAMA in a DVDor Blu-ray format.
Interested film makers should contact the appropriate contacts as stated below, and complete the required form while submitting a preview copy of their movie(s) for GIAMA Awards consideration.
In submitting a film for GIAMA Awards consideration, the film owner(s) are deemed to have conveyed to the GIAMA organization the right to choose excerpts from the film for incorporation into the GIAMA telecast for the year in which the film is in competition.
The preview copy should be submitted between the recommended dates April 2 through May 31, 2013.
The official entry forms, accompanied with a cast and credits list, a brief English language synopsis of the film, a biography and digital photo of the prospective nominee(s), and/or the official poster/cover design of the film must be submitted during the film entry. Other fact sheets may also be sent to further document the submission.

All Official Screen Credits forms must be submitted to the GIAMA organization by Friday, June 31, 2013.
An achievement submitted for GIAMA Awards consideration may not be withdrawn after Friday, June 28, 2013.
For all other enquiries including clarification or rules for submission, please email: giama@goldenicons.com

USA PR Contact:

Bukky Ebun (NollywoodView) @ (1)862-237-3486

Nigeria PR Contact:

Bola Aduwo (NollywoodAccess) @ dreamflitefilms@yahoo.com

Ghana PR Contact:

Ike (Next Media) @ (233)054-4708525 / (233)020-8490586 / (233)026-1328443

E-mail: giama@goldenicons.com

To submit a hard copy for screening, please email giama@goldenicons.com, or contact the respective contacts as listed above to obtain the rules and eligibility criteria. While submitting your movie, please indicate what category you are submitting for and your contact details:

The categories for the 2013 GIAMA are as follows:



Best Motion Picture
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best New Actor
Best New Actress
Best Original Screenplay (best script)
Best Indigenous Film (native language)
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Film (comedy)
Best Film (drama)
Best Film Director
Best Short Film
Producer of the Year
Lifetime Achievement Award
Humanitarian Award
Heroes Award
Best Original Soundtrack
Best Costume
Best Cinematography
Best Sound
Music Achievement Award
Appreciation Awards


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