Movies that everyone has seen except you!


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for some reasons i always feel moviewizard has watched all the movies LOL i really need to watch the widow o 've heard alot about it, ave watched love sex and marriage but i need to watch private sin

thats not true, i havent seen all the movies. maybe sometime way back u might say that but now, no, no....i hardly see movies like dat


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Yeshhhhhh....if this thread is in the wrong section then please help me movie it. Thanks in advance.

Ehen to the main reason why I open this thread. I don't know if am the only one but there are some movies that were really hyped on NR and a lot of people rushed to go and see it but till today you haven't even had a copy of it in your hands.

Am I the only one?

I mean of those movies am really longing to see and that I haven't seen till date is the WIDOW.

Blood of Tears
Letters of a Stranger
Diamond Ring
Love,Sex and Marriage

and the list goes on!

Okay I have seen those now :1244:


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Okay the list goes on:

Narrow path
Yellow Card
Beautiful Soul
Crime to Christ
Brave Soul
Only love
Sound of poverty
Wind of Glory
Everything we touch
Widows men
Sand in my shoes
Saving Sara
The Seed
Amazing Grace
African queen



everyone has been talking about and people have been reviewing and dissecting without giving those of us that have not watched it a chance to see it kwa <sigh>


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Ha Ha Ha!!!! Here's mine:
30 DAYS (hands down. where's it?)
FYI: Sitanda's out saw it.
Dangerous twins had been out since!
Behind closed doors too has been out long time. Ask your dealer about them. Maybe they can order them for you.


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30 Days
Saving Sara
Princess Tyra
...and another is Modeupe Temi, but grabbing it tomorrow at me sis'