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Mutual Benefits to Launch Nollywood, Celebrity Insurance

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Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc (Mutual), one of the fastest growing risks under group in the country has demonstrated its readiness to meet the peculiar insurance needs of actors, actresses and other celebrities in the Nigerian society.

The Retail Insurance Consultant to the company, Chief Yemi Soladoye, confirmed this while addressing newsmen at a Chief Executive’s forum hosted by the firm in Lagos on Monday. According to him, his firm would by next month sign off to Mutual Benefits, 50 new retail insurance products including Nollywood insurance, Celebrity insurance, Journalist insurance, Hairdressers insurance and Drycleaners insurance.

He stated that these highly specialised products are comprehensive insurances, covering all the risks that operators in any line of business face in their day to day operation. Before now, actors and actresses in the country asked operators in Nigerian insurers to design celebrity policies that could support their ostentatious and luxurious lifestyles.

Prominent movie producer and actor, Mr. Chidi Mokeme, who made the request, said there was need for insurers in the country to design products that will support the ostentatious lifestyles of players in the entertainment industry in the country including actors, musicians, producers, directors and investors in the industry.

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