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My Birthday Project: '14-41 Kids' Project....

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..still The Drama Queen!
Next month, I hit 41 years and plan to have it the way I have always dreamt about, like a part 2 of what my mum showed/taught me at age 14. = AT THE ORPHANAGE!

Yes! I am Volunteering for my Birthday and NEED your support!

You can donate Online or send kids' stuff as present to Ghana in July.
14-41 Kids Project - Ghana by Estella Ogbonna - GoFundMe

*** This is for the kids! NOT for me. I am just a vessel to be used for this. I have to push somethings on hold in my life to achieve this goal.

IF you are wondering why I am opening this for support, .... it is because experience has shown me that there are so many people, even my friends that want to bless others, but don't know how to! or where to!

Some people will not initiate things but will support those that do initiate. i saw this clearly when I organized FASHION FOR JOS (
) for the genocide victims in Jos. So many people (not just Nigerians/Africans stepped out to support the cause and we touched lives in Jos).

Of course, I can do it all by myself, but I want to involve as many people in this 'Give-back' project as I can! More as a COLLECTIVE EFFORT.

I am too excited to be accepted into the IVHQ program! I've always tried to get into the Peace Corps, and always missed the deadlines! Thus, this program is a dream come true!

My (S)Hero has always been Mother Theresa [I wanted to be a Rev. Sister, but my mum said no! lol #OnlyDaughterTings]. So, I get a chance to live my dreams for 4 weeks.

One thing to check off my of "THINGS TO DO BEFORE I DIE' list.

I Hope you support! Even a pencil, crayon, coloring book with your name on it, to add a smile to the face of a orphan should give you that deep-belly joy that you can't explain!

Bless you!


..still The Drama Queen!

July 18, 2013
UPDATE:July 18th, 2013
My program has been rescheduled to start in August, due to reasons beyond my control. I feel bad that I am not going to be with the kids on Sunday, July 21st as I earlier dreamed of, but, the whole dedication of 4 weeks volunteer is ABOUT THE KIDS, not about me.

I am grateful to God for my birthday, for adding another year to my life. It would be a blessing still to start off this new phase of my life with the orphans for 4 weeks and I look forward to doing greater things in my life ahead for Orphans. So, HELP ME GOD. Amen.

Thanks once again to all my friends for your support. God Bless you.

Please if you have not donated to support this project, this is still a good time to do so, as I realize there are more needs to meet in the lives of the orphans.

Thank you!
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