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My Photos Post...pending Gallery Opening Here. Lol

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..still The Drama Queen!
As Gallery and Albums are still 'under construction'....errrm..... I am using the cute Photo style of this new website O jare. :D

I was gonna do a Bikini photo shoot, but holy spirit hushed me down, said instead for me to do the orphans project.
So, these were taken last month....... [how the hair stylist got me to wearing black hair sef, I still can't remember. lolol]






Hair/makeUp - Jennifer O Ekatah
Shoes: Goddess Couture
Jeans/Top: JeanKara EstellaCouture/Estella Couture
Model: Estella Ogbonna
Photo: R & B Photos prn1/1016353_540451282658049_166661874_n.jpg
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That first pose hia. Odikwa risky. I like the pictures. I like to see women embrace their femininity and make no excuses. In your old age you can show your grand daughters these pictures and say grandma was doing her thing being sexy, running businesses and making a difference in the world. All at the same time LOL. It's awesome being a woman