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Naija Rulers, it's been 10 Years!! Almost

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Mr. Naijarules!
NR ladies and gentlemen, I just finished reading the thread. This sounds like a terrific idea and a numerous amount of people (on the thread) have expressed their interest in this. For those who are not interested, that's not a problem but please don't discourage others from participating by listing a million and one reasons why you are not interested.

I think we should come up with a commitee of members that are willing to communicate with each other and then present the house with concrete ideas. That will get things rolling much faster.


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Who is going to be dressed up nice and with great shoes, ready to have fun, and then behave like market people?
That's just stupid.
The ignore button works in real life also. You ignore the person/people you don't wish to interact with.
We're all adults here, sheezz.
Who will spend their hard earned money to go and fight?

Please if somebody is going to act dumb or stupid, please don't come. It's that simple.

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