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Naijarules.com 10 year anniversary poll

Hosting city for the Anniversary Party

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Folks, let's get to voting, let's get at least 25 commits, and let's get to work. The planning will be extremely time consuming so we need as much time on planning as possible. Thanks.


:roll ...........just picturing you gesturing with your right hand as you say.......Bia Di! sweat:
:happy0194: :roll

Accountant Dr. TM. lolol
:laugh: :lol:

I'm thinking if not many people show up, there'd really be no need for a 'catered' affair, and everyone can be on their own. If we can't get at least 20 people to show up, I say no need for a big to do party, every man/woman for themselves.
if not many people show up, then we scale it back and have a picnic and have a roaring good time, and find a club or something where we can go and dance (preferably a place that plays african dancable music) (providing we can get babysitters for the kids who are present) or we can chill somewhere and watch nigerian movies and critique them to death :lol:

Any of the above, so just tack my vote to whichever is the most voted.
yeah i was holding off on voting for a location as well until we get more responses.


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Thus far, we have 2 for Jersey, NY and 3 for Vegas. Have one anyone else that wants to vote or does anyone want to switch to 'vegas'? LOL


..still The Drama Queen!
Ok, let me help una skew it to Vegas. I gats some unused hotel, restaurant and gambling tokens still unused :D


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I am additionally voting for TM, oh she knows she gats to go to Vegas. I think it is Vegas y'all :laugh:

SID!! We're getting the Penthouse ready!


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Well, we know the person who voted chitown, MV and BB, will you two come to Vegas? NOt sure who voted Maryland/DC, but I think one may be Samira, I will vouch for her coming to Vegas, do we have any more takers? NTB, ready to come to the side of the winners?
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