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Naijarules.com General Guidelines and Provisions

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Naijarules.com General Guidelines and Provisions

Naijarules.com is moderated by human beings just like you who put themselves daily in the position of making difficult judgment calls. You can help make their job of making your experience on the boards easy and enjoyable by following these guidelines. Please remember that the following guidelines can only be effective if we all choose to co-exist in a cordial and friendly environment. Thank you.

1) Please don't make posts that are inflammatory.

2) People have a right to their own independent ideas. Disagree with ideas, not people.

3) No racial, ethnic or gender insults or comments please.

4) If you have a complaint, please send it privately using the "Report" or "Contact us" feature or by email to the Administrators\Moderators.

5) We reserve the right to edit or remove offensive posts.

6) This is a democratic setup and our aim is to make your time here enjoyable, but a member found breaking our rules/offending other members will be warned, and in extreme cases, banned from the boards. Hopefully, we will not have to do this.

7) No pornography or sexually explicit materials please. The administrators and moderators will also appreciate some maturity in our use of language. Excessive foul language can be offensive to others. Do note the word EXCESSIVE. The administrators and moderators reserve the right to weigh this on a case by case basis.

8) Always post in the appropriate forum please.

9) Do not post other people's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.

10) We abide by copyright laws and we encourage you to also. Please avoid posting photos taken from other websites without the permission of the owners of the material. Many of us here are creative artistes and will not like it if our rights are infringed. Let’s not do that to others.

11) Each member may have only one account. Any account flaunting the rule will be suspended.

12) Blatant advertising will not be tolerated. Some people join only to post a link to their website, and then disappear, never to be seen again. This will not be tolerated please.

13) NO SPAMMING please.

14) We will use good judgment to weigh in on all matters on these boards. We will always give warnings when required. Please work with us and don’t disrupt the community that we are building together.

15) Signatures should be of reasonable length. Signatures may contain a link to your personal site. Signatures are expected to follow the same guidelines as posts. Signatures should not be so big or colorful that it distracts attention from the post. Signature fonts should not be minimal in size.

16) We will not tolerate any member abusing the facilities of the website/other members' rights through spamming or threats using site email or private communication. All such cases should be reported to the Administrators/Moderators.

17) PLEASE MAKE SURE AN AVATAR ISN'T IN USE BY ANOTHER MEMBER BEFORE YOU USE IT. If you're not sure, you can ask in the Site Help area. When Avatars are duplicated, they cause confusion because at first glance, it will look like another member made a post.

18) The language of communication on this website is English because that is a common language. Write in English. If you have to write in other languages, make sure it is "clear" and does not sound like you're insulting another member. If anyone feels uncomfortable with you responding to them in a different language, it may be time to translate or switch back to English. The moderators and Admin will assess this on a case by case basis and their decision will be final.

19) No sexually explicit or offensive avatars please. Several members access Naijarules.com from the office and to a colleague looking over your shoulder at work, some avatars make it look like you are surfing pornographic websites in the office. This will be addressed on a case by case basis by the moderators and admin.

As moderators and administrators, we will also adhere to the rules of the boards. We encourage you to please work with us. It is better to be friends, right?

Thanks a bunch!

- Admin
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First and foremost, I will like to say thank you for all the good works you doing on this site.More grease to your elbow.
Oga Vince,thanks for accepting the post oh, i will always co-operate with you as long as you moderate well and i know you never disappoint us.
More grease to your elbow too egbon.


oga sola u don choose the right person,hope we go get smoothly?alot of my country people have introduced themselves to this site,iam happy,we shall all corperate.


Enchanting Afro Princess
:cool: well sorry i missed this site.Well oga sola all would be well.I apologize for not coming in here first.I am new, accept my apology.Hoping all would go well,heard about this web site and from comments you are doing a good job
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