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NFL & Replacement refs

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Ok so what's going on?
I wake up this morning to angry people on the radio.
refs are on strike and they brought people from footlocker to be referees?
and my friends on facebook who are football people have lost their minds. bwahahahahahhaha
are the replacement refs really that bad?


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They are just a bunch of cry babies, nothing more nothing less. The game yesterday could have gone either way. The last touchdown was reviewed by the people who have been doing touchdown review long before the replacement refs were hired and they told the replacement refs the call should stand. But oh no...it is the replacement refs who are at fault. Those players need to get on with the game and play like they are supposed to. Nothing these replacement refs are doing that wasn't happening when the full time refs were officiating the game.

The media is just trying to strong-arm NFL into submission.
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