Nimbe, the movie


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Saw Nimbe on Netflix yesterday night too. Unfortunately for the movie, I'd just finished rewatching Hamilton, so it had a tough current to battle.

Nimbe is short for Oluwanimbe. It was painful most of the way and I had to skip through to survive it, but it has its moments. Mostly in pidgin English and a mishmash of Nigerian languages, it is the story of a bullied young man (at home and in school) who finds his voice via negative external influences - and could not find his way back to redemption. The movie portrays itself as an anti drug abuse effort, with mixed results.

Odunlade is clearly a brilliant actor, but he should have been dialed down by the director. He was annoying, sorry. Toyin Abraham, another usually superb actress, had this unrealised accent that was equally annoying. Chimezie Imo as the title character was stiff and uncomfortable throughout. Loved the guy who played AK. Solid. Others were mostly incapable or forgettable.

Photography was mostly bleh, except for a handful of scenes were the DoP displayed the genius hidden in him. That end bit when Nimbe walks out of the school, holding the haunting, it made the 50mins or so I spent watching the movie worth it. Excellent shot. Convincing gun shot wounds too.