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No Prizemoney For Nigerian Premier League Winners

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And this has been going on since 2006!! How highly embarrassing!

No prize money for Nigeria League champions Dolphins Fc | News - KickOff Magazine
The Nigerian Premier League, without a sponsor, have been running the league on a shoe-string budget, and were forced to borrow from the NFF to prosecute the last four fixtures of the season.

No prize-money was announced at the start of the competition, and none has been paid out for over six years despite previous sponsorship to the tune of nearly N1 billion.

Acting Executive Secretary Tunji Babalola told KickOffNigeria.com that the board will decide what the champions will get.

"The board will have to meet and decide what the prize money will be considering our current situation and the fact that we have to also pay prize money to the winners of the Super Four," he said.

Previous winners like Enyimba, Ocean Boys and Bayelsa United were all told they would get a prize money of N5 million, out of the sponsorship fee of around N900 million paid by Glo.

Only Ocean Boys were paid, back in 2006.
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