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Nollywood: Hustlers Trying To Make Ends Meet -Yomi Fash-Lanso

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HOW was your childhood like, did it influence your career?
My growing up was fantastic because I had a good upbringing. Playing dirty at times, with my age mates was one of the interesting fun I can remember. My family consists of my parents, three boys and a girl. Being the last child, I was really dotted on.
My brothers introduced me to the cinema house and movies. I became a film freak, in-spite of my father’s objection to watching film, I became an ardent disciple thereby becoming interested in films and motion picture, I believe that was when the fascination began in me.

What were you doing before you got into acting?
I worked in a bank as a banking officer.

What exactly motivated you into acting and when did you kick-off?

The world of ‘film making’ got me, coupled with the innate talent that was struggling within me then. I went through self-teaching and research on what acting was all about, via film watching, review magazines, flipping through articles that bordered on film acting or film making, and when opportuned, visited film sets/locations. I started acting professionally in February 1995.

What other jobs do you do outside acting?
I invest in honest, viable and profitable businesses. I am what others will call a business tycoon. I love to try my hands on any honest, legal thing that will fetch money, I am enterprising.

Which work of yours gave you that break-through?
My first major breakthrough role was as Akintunde, in the film Omolade.

What were the challenges you faced as an up-and-coming actor then?
The first was not being able to negotiate my fee, because the producer sees you as somebody he or she was trying to help. They see the talent but no justification for negotiation.

How did you manage being a prolific and dynamic actor that does not stick to a particular role?
By doing my home work, a lot of research and studying people of different backgrounds and lifestyle I meet closely. Most importantly, I demystify myself before taking a role.

What was the most challenging role you’ve had to play?
Well, I think that should be playing a disabled role in Kunle Alajeseku. I wanted to be in the disabled people’s world and feel what they feel every time. It was really tasking. The pain and agony they go through silently in my opinion can never be measured. I know because I have had a glimpse and believe me they deserve our care, attention and love.

What film have you been most proud to be involved with so far, and why?
Jombo. I was proud to take the lead role in the film Jombo because it gave me the avenue to play a bad guy in a really sadistic way, far from how some actors have played the role in the past. Oh, I love it. And Opolo is another one where I played a real bad guy.

Nollywood Is All About Hustlers Trying To Make Ends Meet -Yomi Fash-Lanso
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