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Nollywood USA: African Movie Makers Expand Filming to D.C. Area

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A drop-dead beautiful Ghanaian actress is yelling at the director. Her voice — with that slightly British Ghanaian accent — echoes across the polished marble floors and bounces off the baby grand inside a Montgomery County mansion that has been turned into a movie set.

Cameras have stopped rolling. Actors lean against the bay windows overlooking the swimming pool.

“I’m human!” shouts the movie star, Yvonne Nelson. “I can complain if I want to complain. I am not a robot.”

“No one can tell me what to do on my set!” warns the director, John Uche, a Nigerian who lives in Upper Marlboro. “I’ve directed bigger actors than you.”

The actress spins and storms up a circular staircase, retreating to her bedroom lair and halting production.

This could be a disaster for this “Nollywood” movie. Filming has to be completed in three weeks.If the star quits, thousands of dollars are down the tube. The other actors — some of the biggest names in Africahave flown in from Nigeria and Ghana — will have wasted a trip. And the producer, Koby Maxwell, an award-winning Ghanaian musician turned moviemaker, will lose investors’ money.

Nollywood USA: African Movie Makers Expand Filming to D.C. Area - Washington Post
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