Omotola Jolade-Ekeinde Cried In Sierra Leone!

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Ok,let me make a slightly more comprehensive comments on some of the reports.
1)I can understand why Omotola bursted in to tears over there.It can be an overwhelmingly emotional experience to be shown so much love by so many people in public like that.It takes getting used to.
2)Fred Amata seems to be getting more and more international these days!Kudos to him!
3)Now i wonder why Mr.Ogidan did not manage to shoot that series?Sola,do you know the reason?It must have been dissapointing for all involved.
4)Hmmm,that egyptian actress,na President Mubarak's pickin?I will definitely like to see her,just for curiousity sake.
5)The report on Stella confirms that she is fully booked in the industry.
6)Now we almost got the correct number of movies Ejiro was going to shoot in jandon in the space of 3 weeks,2 instead of 3!We try,abi.;)
7)About the M-NET thing,this is very simple,the naija producers will just have to show the world how much worth they put on themselves and their works.If they see themselves cheap,then let them sell their works cheap.It is as simple as that.M-NET can't force anybody to give up their movies for that dirt cheap fee.
8)As for VHS tapes,let us give a minute silence to the almost very dead video tape format.:(
With the advent of DVD recorders,especially now that the prices are tumbling,it is ASTA LA VISTA,BABY to VHS for real!
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