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One person’s tweets leads to disastrous results

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One tweet can lead to a disastrous onslaught of consequences, as Adria Richards has recently found out. While attending the PyCon Technology Conference last week, she overheard two male developers behind her talking about “big dongles” and “forking someone’s repo”. She was offended by the jokes and she stated, “I was telling myself if they made one more sexual joke, I’d say something.”



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She crossed the line when she took their picture. Honestly what is with people taking someone else's photo without their permission. That is just horrible.

And she was not being a feminist, and that there is a group called Feminists Victims is funny. What she did is just mean, she should have just left the at tweeting (without releasing the men's names or identification) and reporting the matter to the staff.


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What in the world is wrong with people these days?? That technology has now made it that most cell phones have cameras doesn't mean folks shouldn't use their commonsenses anymore.

Granted the guys chose the wrong venue and time for their jokes, but the nerve of her to post their pictures on twitter is what behooves me!!

Why didn't she go with her first instinct to confront them right there on the spot? Oh she no get liver to do that one abi? But she get liver to air them out on twitter?!

They should both be suing her for posting their pics on social media without their consent. Yes, they should sue her till she looses the two rusty cents left in her bank account; so that in the future she will think twice before she pulls out her cheap phone to secretly take pictures of people.


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Overdo and oversabi na im dey worry people. See as the ting come backfire on top her head sef; make she go open studio begin take professional foto, she no need plenty camera, she can start with her phone.


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Data protection rights...she didn't ask permission before taking the photos, she put it on twitter without their consent...They can probably cover their paychecks for a few months... bang out of order!!! Not a fan of people chatting rude stuff at any point in time but people gotta chill and stop getting their knickers in a twist over inconsequentials!

Can they sue her? especially the terminated one?
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