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Passenger Bus That Runs On Human Waste Now In Operation


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By Cox Media Group National Content Desk

While it may earn the nickname of the “No. 2” bus, the official name of the bus that is powered by human excrement and food waste is the Bio-Bus.

Designed by GENeco, the bus seats up to 40 passengers and can go 168 miles on a single tank of gas, according to a CNET report.

According to the company, it takes the annual waste output of approximately five people to create one tank of biomethane gas. The environmentally-friendly biomethane gas helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by almost 90 percent compared with gasoline, according to the BBC.

As for the big question, impurities are removed to make the fuel almost odor-free.

The Bio-Bus made its debut in England this month.
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English people are soooo weird.