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Pitch Black 2

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Anyone saw that little movie that became so huge in 2000-01? Are you looking forward to the follow up or what? You know the Vin Diesel character's story was not properly told. That's what this is on - I think its called The Chronicles of Riddick. I loved Pitch Black.

He's also been in The Fast & The Furious and XXX.

QUOTE askmen.com: "Even when I would go on auditions, I had to be as amiable as possible. But I still had this edge, this threatening physical presence. And I know that isn't who I really am." -Vin Diesel, on his humble Hollywood beginnings


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aint seen it but i go rent am on my way home tonight.

Vin diesel is ma man anytime. i hated it when he did not feature in 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS but Tyrese did a good job there sha.
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