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Roseline Odeh

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I saw Runs!.

I understand your viewpoint and it is very valid, and I saw the newstands in Ojuelegba full of pornography while I was there early October. Indeed, these things are accessible to all and sundry, but someone should still be seen speaking up against it. It is not the board's job, but if they do it, at least someone cares, right?

I don't agree with them stipulating content for filmmakers though. That's a no go area. And it is irrational to go through so much stress editing, but everyone uses NLE in Nigeria now, so it takes just a minute to get back into the studio to clean up an offending section. The days of re-editing cos you cut analog are long gone. You shouldn't have to spend another 4k.

We have to be disciplined first in the idnsurty, self-discipline. Once that is achieved, we should collectively - at the association level, and dem plenty - stand up and dialog or fight with the board, whichever is required. Something has to be done, but we also need to clean up or acts.

Na professionalism sha. Na because many of the producers don't know better, that's why she can so address them. And as my people say, everything wey get calendar go end one day. No be public office? Soja go, Soja come, no be so? In time.


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See story below from Allafrica below. In some societies, the producers would be working with politicians and lobby groups to have her fired now. Not in Nigeria though:

Video Board Screens Retailers

Daily Trust (Abuja)
November 5, 2003
Posted to the web November 5, 2003

By Muhammed S. Shehu

The National Film and Video Censor Board (NFVCB) has reiterated its determination to rid the firm and video industry of violence and thuggery no matter whose ox if gored and announced the suspension of some members from the functions and activities of the board.

According to a statement signed by the Public Relation Manager of the board, Caeser O. Kagho the board decided to suspend one Mr Babayide Kosoko and Mr Aina Kosoko for anti-board activities.

The statement which was made available to Abuja Trust said that investigation was in progress to find out how some people got into its workshop and consultative meeting of the board.

"The board is also determined to remove Mafia groups and flush out all undesirable elements who are giving this industry a very bad name, no matter their status,' the statement disclosed.

The statement added "a situation where some stakeholders always resort to violence to achieve their ends or intimidate the board will no longer be tolerated and offenders from now will be handed to the police."

It further disclosed "JACOFIC" solely owned by Mr. Jide Kosoko is an illegal video association and alerted the public on their activities by going round the country terrorising video outlets after extorting a minimum of N18,000 from each shop.

In an advice to the public, the statement adviced all video clubs in Nigeria to report any further threat or harassment from "JACOFIC" to the polcie and desist from paying out money to it as it is an illegal video club association whose registration was according to statement withdrawn by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The statement further applauded the courage of the 15 associations who attended the last meeting and conducted themselves in a disciplined manner despite serious provocation by "JACOFIC."


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my brothers you guys have reaised valid points matter of fact i dont need to say anything again sef u have said it all. Naija needs to be realistic all those small small kiss kiss wey dem dey do na childs play cos even omo 10 yrs old sef don dey do am with him sugar bobo even worse sef.
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