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Russian fans' racism has worsened, says ex-Moscow star Peter Odemwingie

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Russian fans' racism 'worsening'

Former Lokomotiv Moscow striker Peter Odemwingie thinks racism in Russian football has worsened and must be tackled by the 2018 World Cup hosts.

The Nigeria international, who is half-Russian, joined West Brom in August with some Lokomotiv fans displaying an offensive banner on his exit.

"Since I left things got a little bit worse," he said. "[But] it's something the government is looking at I'm sure."

Russia beat England, Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium in the 2018 bid.

In September

unfurling a banner to counter that of the Russians a week earlier - which was emblazoned with 'Thanks West Brom' accompanied with a picture of a banana.
Speaking about that incident, Odemwingie told the

programme: "To be honest I was surprised, because Lokomotiv is not known to be a club with aggressive fans.
"But this year definitely something broke loose because Lokomitiv was one of the most peaceful teams.

"You would never hear of them having fans who fight, who do crazy things. This year I have noticed, even while I was there, it was already coming.

"There was a few groups of boys with their own agenda, which has nothing to do with football.

"In a few other teams in their stadiums, it's present, it's obvious - you cannot pretend that you don't see it."

BBC Sport - Football - Russian fans' racism has worsened, says ex-Moscow star
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