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Shoes shoes shoes...I can't get enough of them!!

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This shoe addiction is getting out of hand...After my mishap yesterday i am wondering whether it's worth it....or i should just respect myself and leave it for the younger folks...The worse part is, despite all the bruises and pain...I am still in heels...suffering and smilling..

Brian and Christian...get thee behind me..

Wear your shoes, but always have a comfortable pair on hand, so you don't get to be 50, with birkenstocks as your only option....jmo...bunions ain't sexy...at all.


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Almost 6 inches of snow outside and I am seriously considering hitting some store. Ssergit do you really think this thread is a good place to post that video. Some of us are in recovery o. Ah

lolol. Gurl!!! Those shoes eh!!! Chai!
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