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Songs Ya'll Feelin Now


yes o! Ne-yo's One In A Million don carry me again.
I heard two songs on the radio that are stuck in my head right now.
One In A Million by Ne-yo. That hook and that first few beats just grabbed me.
A song by Faith and El Debarge. ....one of the lines is I WANNA LAY RIGHT HERE WITH YOU.
these two songs have me by the neck o.


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Olorun, to da awon, oke igbanni, eyin ni mo fi opeee mi fun...
Ta ni n o tun gbe ga o, bi ko se Baba l'oke?
Ta ni n o tun fi opeee mi fun?
Olorun, to da awon, oke igbanni, eyin ni mo fi opeee mi fun! :)


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Give it to me - Mugeez ft sarkodie
Listened to it the first time some few weeks back and I've been listening to it almost every day ever since. Nice tune


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I have that song on replay almost every single day. Yels
A constant reminder!!! This woman is something elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Yels, something else. After she's done singing you have so much faith that you think you have the ability to slap Presido Jonathan and take over Nigeria :laugh:

This was posted on my FB page some weeks ago...Sis Bukky is something else! :) :)