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Sony F5 & F55 target Arri Alexa, RED Epic & Canon C300/C500 - Booyaah!!

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Just opening a thread for the newly announced Sony F5 & F55 cameras. Will add to the gist as more stuff trickles down.


Sony PMW-F5 page

Sony PMW-F55 page

Sony has just launched a pair of CineAlta PL-mount cameras with brand new Super 35mm sensors: The PMW-F5 and PMW-F55. Though both pack 4K CMOS imagers, the similarities grind to a halt there -- the higher-end PMW-F55 has a global shutter, wider color gamut and can output 4k along with 2k and HD video, while the PMW-F5 is a strictly 2k and HD model with a rolling shutter. Depending on the level of quality you want, there are several ways to capture video to each camcorder. MPEG-4 H.264 video or Sony's SR MPEG-4 SStP can be recorded onto Sony's new SxS PRO+ media, or if RAW quality is desired, there's the new AXS-R5 Access Memory System for 2K / 4K RAW capture -- which will also work with the current NEX-FS700. Using the latter system, the PMW-F5 is capable of grabbing up to 120fps slow motion RAW video, while the PMW-F55 could capture 240fps, putting it squarely in Epic-X territory. The new camcorders will arrive in February 2013
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