Syliva, the movie


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Fascinating storyline. Fatal Attraction collides with spirit spouse. You could tell from the way this story developed that a woman wrote the script. There was a sensitivity to the evolution of the conflicts in its multiple layers... An attention to details and dwelling on specifics someone like me would have quickly glossed over for instance. A spirit wife finds her way into her real life partner's reality - what a twist to the fatal attraction trope.

So the young man broke up with the dream wife to marry a real life girl, and she didn't take it kindly. I wasn't sold on that being strong enough a reason for the madness and agony that followed. I guess he could have asked if she could shift from the the dream dimension to the real before committing to another. Unfortunately, he didn't. This is a thriller and the genre has a tendency to stretch believability. This movie is no different. But it is good entertainment nonetheless.

It is slow of course, but that may just be me. Anyone enamoured of soaps will be tolerant of its sleepy pace. Me, it took 4 sittings within the span of a week to finish it.I could only take it in small doses. Love stories do that to me, but the mysterious elements kept me coming back.

Tech heads will enjoy the lighting and careful framing of some of the shots too. Watch out for a camera movement from the kitchen across the wall into the living room. Sweet one.

Zainab Balogun was a revelation to watch in the dream sequences, but she lost me when the dream became a reality. She became sort of shrill and over the top. I believe that was a directorial limitation, not due to acting failure on her part. Her intense and breathless dream sequences will make you forgive her. Ini Dima-Okojie made me smile whenever she appeared on screen. She's that infectious. A stronger actor should have played the Chris Attoh role. He couldn't deliver, notwithstanding the fact that the script and co-actors gave him so much to play with.

Overall, it has suspense, twists in the tale and most lovers of African movies will enjoy. I did.



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This one na one serious horror movie. Zainab Balogun as dream wife coming to life :arghhhh::bat::barbershop quartet member::mad0259::madder::omg:. The way she will just appear at every turn scared the hella out of me. Ini Dima nailed that clueless wife role to the cross :action smiley 033::1244::653: . Well done. What was Chris Attoh doing? Same thing with him in The Perfect Picture. Not good.:thumbs down: