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Tango With Me

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Starring Genevieve Nnaji & Joseph Benjamin
Directed by Mahmood Ali Balogun

Lola and Uzo meet during youth service and are married after a 3 year courtship. On their wedding night Lola, a virgin is raped by armed robbers who break into their hotel suite, right in front of her new husband. Both bear the emotional and psychological burden that the rape places on them. She is emotionally scarred and has trouble having sexual relations with her husband, while her husband bears the guilt of not being able to protect her when she most needed him to. Their marriage is only two months but they are already seeing a marriage counsellor. It remains to be seen if they will be able to break down the psychological walls that keep them apart.

Joseph and Genny make a beautiful couple. I was worried that she would look a lot older than him but they in fact complimented each other well. Genny did very well at playing a woman scarred by rape. Joseph too acted the hell out of his role and the tormented husband. Both performances were very passionate and drew you in. The portrayal of a couple dealing with rape was very sensitively handled and I appreciated that.

I would definitely recommend this movie. It is beautifully shot, with a soundtrack to compliment. Joseph and Genny look good together and have an easy chemistry. I did find it somewhat slow in parts, but that in itself was minor. I loved that rape was sensitively handled and that the performances were passionate and heartfelt.

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this is an all star cast, it's a must see. NOW this will be a movie, I don't know this benjamin guy but he better be on point with all these veterans.

Genenvieve Nnaji – Lola
Benjamin Joseph – Uzo
Bimbo Akintola – Sandra
Joke Silva – Lolas mother
Ahmed Yerima – Lola’s Father
Bimbo Manuel – Counsellor
Tina Mba – Ms Bankole Smith
Kate Henshaw Nuttal – Doctor
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