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The bank job

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Mike Ezuruonye
Emma Ehumadu
Empress Njamah
Cha Cha Eke

Directed by: Austin Faani
Written by: Chuka Onuigbo
Visual Effects by: Ugo Nwafor

Rare nollywood young talents team up to make an artistically successful movie. In the bank job, a young banker suffering from amnesia, seeking for a loan to cure his blind wife is forced to come to terms with his blurry past. unknown to him, sins of his past are back to haunt, dangerous criminals he can't remember from his past creep into his life threatening his family. Months before he lost his memory he had organized a huge robbery that went bad. And now his co criminals are back for their share. Problem is he doesn't remember the robbery. And doesn't know where he stashed the loot. With his family in danger, only one woman can help him, his love from the past. Only she can make him remember...

Excellent story. Solid plot. Everything about this movie was well planned and professionally done. Great cinematography. Sound. The music score was great. Visual effects was excellent. Acting superb. For a first time film maker Austin faani really did a great job with this film. It is a must watch. I recommend this film for everybody.
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