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The Nigerian E-passport Assistance Program In Chicago 9/12/13 - 9/15/13

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The Nigerian e-Passport Assistance Program in Chicago
Venue:African International House 6200 South Drexel Avenue

(1 block east of Cottage Grove Avenue @ 62nd street)
Dates: 9/12/13 - 9/15/13

Times: 10am – 6pm except Sunday 10am – 2pm

Individuals and families who have completed the application process will be processed first. Please plan to spend a number of hours at the venue so plan accordingly especially for your children. All applicants including babies are required to be present since you are coming for the biometrics part of the exercise.

Items to bring with you
a. Old passport for verification
b. Copies of the submitted documents
c. $60 POST OFFICE money order (administrative fee) per applicant payable to: Consulate General of Nigeria. If you are paying as a family one money will suffice
d. Pre-paid self-addressed stamped priority or express mail envelope only. If you are using one envelope for your family, you are advised to list the names on a sheet of paper and insert it inside your Pre-paid self-addressed stamped priority or express mail envelope.

Lost Passport Applicants
In addition to items b to d you are required to bring a $370 POST OFFICE money order (penalty fee) per applicant payable to The Consulate General of Nigeria
Address the envelope as follows
From: Consulate General of Nigeria 828 Second Avenue New York, NY 10017
To: Your mailing details (including unit#)

If you have not completed the application process and wish to participate please call me now at (773) 443 6516 and book an appointment to do so.

If you have any questions and wish to volunteer please contact Dr. Ewa Ewa at 773-289-7973 and Adamazi Adanna Okoro at 773-443-6516 or send an email to adamazievents@gmail.com

Passport pictures are not needed – pictures will be taken on-site

Please share with others who may reside within the Midwestern States of the US.

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