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The One Minute Man....

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I am about to throw up! That's awful :(
I went online some time back to look at pictures of circumsized vaginas. Wish I had not. I did that because my sister said that her friend was lamenting about the cruelty of female circumcision and her mother was like what the hell are you talking about. You and yoru sisters are circumsized. There are different types and I guess it is possible to not even know depending on what type of circumcision it was. Maybe the one her friend had was just the clitoris that was remoed. In that case I could understand how she might not have known. At the end it is still sad.


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Koli, please direct us to where you are getting your facts, please.

Kolinzo might be right. The few I know of are about that age group. Someone also added that it dwindled down in many parts in the 70s. Which puts it around that age range.


A friend of mine called me over the weekend. She was in tears, her Nigerian husband turned out to be a one minute man (she got married 3 months ago). And my ex girlfriend, married to a naija man, has also told me the same thing. Also I can remember that an Ijebu girlfriend I dated back in college often tells me that I am very different from an average naija dude. And there are a few other instances but I ain't the time to unload all of them here sha.

Question. Is this a naija man's problem? Are most naija men one minute men??

how did she know you were different from the average naija dude? :confused:
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